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As the Imperial fleet searches the asteroid field, Han and the others work to get the Falcon repaired. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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Enraged at losing Luke, the Emperor strikes him with purple bolts of pure dark side energy, slowly killing him as Vader watches.

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On Endor, the Ewoks fight bravely, using their primitive spears and slings to surprisingly good effect against the heavily armored, well-trained, and vastly technologically superior Imperial forces.


However, Luke is forced to attack when Vader is able to read his feelings and learns for the first time that Luke has a twin sister. Vader informs the commander that he intends to put them back on schedule before the Emperor himself arrives to inspect the work.

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C-3PO wanders off on his own and disappears, only to be found later, in pieces, by Chewbacca. Lando and Ackbar take their ships right among the Star Destroyers, hoping to use them as shields against the overwhelming power of the Death Star. Despite this victory, Amidala fears that it is too late for a political solution to the crisis on her homeworld and immediately returns to face whatever happens at the side of her people. Far off in a distant galaxy, the starship belonging to Princess Leia , a young member of the Imperial Senate, is intercepted in the course of a secret mission by a massive Imperial Star Destroyer. Meanwhile, Han detaches the Falcon when the larger vessel dumps its garbage and floats away, unseen, with the debris.
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  1. Jedi Knights, defenders of peace and justice in the galaxy, are sent to negotiate an end to the conflict before it escalates any further.